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We are offering multiple small groups for the spring semester. We will be hosting adult small groups on campus, a project group for men, and a home group for those comfortable. Some groups will be topic-driven groups for gatherings of less than 20 people. The groups are listed below with a link for you to sign up.

Sunday Evenings @ 6pm
Join us for six weeks at Village as we look at some well-known Old Testament accounts with a fresh, Jesus-centric lens. Facilitated by Josh Rouse. 
You can sign up by following this link

Monday Evenings @ 6:00pm-
Join us for 7 sessions and uncover truths you need to arm yourself with when combatting comparison by studying the biblical account of Rachel & Leah. Learn to be content without becoming complacent, and discover godly wisdom to quiet the incessant Why Her? question in your head. Develop greater awareness of your insecurities, and learn to stop the lies in their tracks. Because the truth will set you free, and free women don’t have to measure up to anyone. Not even her. Facilitated by Jen Kleabir.
You can sign up by following this link. 

Wednesday Evenings @ 6pm
Curt and Allison Prohl will be hosting a group in their home and walking through a study together.
You can sign up by following this link

Women's Group on Saturday mornings-
Sign up for a women's group that will be meeting one Saturday a month to encourage each other.
You can sign up by following this link.


Men's Project Group-

Robby Evans will be leading a group of men who will be working on a bi-weekly basis on local projects, being the hands and feet of Christ.

You can sign up by following this link.