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First Look Virtual Experience - September-Week 1

Hello families! It's a BRAND NEW MONTH in First Look! So that means a BRAND NEW theme, new Bible stories, and so much more! To get started, simply click on the links below to access our First Look Virtual Experience! And don't forget to follow the experience up with Family Time by clicking on the Family Guide via the link below.

In order to keep it simple, we have laid out the experience in 2 simple steps. (Note: If you have a child in K - 5th, check out the Virtual Village Kids Experience as well!)

Have fun!

Step 1: Worship & Bible Story

(Video not playing? Watch it here!)

Step 2: Complete the Family Guide

Head in to your small group - hint: that's your family - and work on the Family Challenge and activities in the Family Guide!

Bonus: Additional Resources

If your family would like to continue the conversation throughout the week, check out the Parent Cue Cards linked below! Parent Cues are a great way for us as families to initiate conversations and engage our kids in the time we already have together.

Toddler/2's: Monthly Parent Cue

Prefer your Parent Cue on your phone? Download the Parent Cue App

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