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This Week in First Look - March Week 2

Who made me? God made me!

This month, our goal is to let toddlers and preschoolers know that God made them - they are fearfully and wonderfully made - and that makes them SO special! We will share bible stories, play worship videos, and engage your preschooler in hands-on activities that remind them that God made them carefully and loves them completely!




The toddler room has been revamped! Because we have so many older toddlers who will be headed up to PreK this fall, we wanted to go ahead and start letting them experience the great things they will do in PreK!

Your toddlers will dance and sing to worship videos, watch the clubhouse video that depicts the life app in a relatable way, and experience hands-on activities that remind them that God made them!


From PreK Parent Cue:


One of the bottom lines of parenting is not just raising obedient, or even happy kids, but rather raising responsible adults who love God.

The way your kids love God has a profound effect on how they see the world and the way they see themselves. It will impact how they view some of the critical issues every parent will encounter through their parenting journey, like sex, technology, health, and faith.

This month, we want to focus a little bit on sexual integrity. You may be asking, why do I even need to think about sexual integrity for a preschooler? Because you always have to keep the end in mind. If we want our kids to grow up with sexual integrity, we have to start even now, teaching our kids to guard their potential for future intimacy through appropriate boundaries and mutual respect.

Your role, as it relates to guiding your kid toward sexual integrity, will continually redefine itself through each phase of your child’s life, but in preschool, a parent’s role is to introduce them to their body . . .

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