Top 10 Mother's Day Ideas


Breakfast In Bed

If she would love nothing more than to catch a few more zzzZ’s and wake up to a gourmet meal in bed (or, you know, a bowl of cereal), then treat her to breakfast in bed! Add a freshly picked flower, bugs removed, for an extra touch of pizzazz.



Homemade Cards

Let the kids make mom cards. Homemade gifts from the heart are the best kind, after all!



Outdoor Picnic

If it is a nice day, make some lunch for mom and get out in the fresh air for a picnic! Bonus points if you pick a scenic spot or a place that holds special meaning. Don’t forget the blanket and sunscreen!


Kid-Drawn Family Portraits

Have your kids draw your family portrait. Your family may receive a wild make-over in the pictures, but mom will love it no matter what!

Kid's Drawing


Spa Day

Even if you can’t send mom out to a luxurious day at the spa, you can give her the gift of relaxation at home. Treat mom to a foot massage, a bubble bath, and a quiet place to relax. The kids could even make a list of services and let mom pick her favorites! She may skip the manicures from the kids, but she is sure to love being pampered by her favorite people.

Outdoor Spa
Quiet Lake


Quiet Time for Mom

Never downplay the bliss of a couple of uninterrupted hours of peace for mom. Spend some quality time with the kids, letting mom read, sleep, or do whatever she wants!


Clean the House

You may very well be the one that keeps the house in tip-top shape, but if mom is oftentimes cleaning up around the house, surprise her by making it sparkle for her special day.

Cleaning Materials


Fine Dining Experience

Create a special meal for mom with an elegant table setting. Use a white tablecloth, cloth napkins, and the fanciest tableware you can find. Put some flowers and a candle on the table, dress up, and practice your best table manners. It doesn’t matter if you eat filet and lobster or PB&J; the experience will mean the world to her.


Mom's Choice

Not sure how to celebrate mom? Ask her! Let her pick some activities or make special requests for the day. Then you know exactly what she would like - that’s a win-win!

Girl with Drawing


Family Photo Session

Treat mom and the kiddos to a photo shoot at home. They can be sweet, serious, sassy or silly - she will cherish them all for years to come! You can even print her favorite pictures and frame them.


Do you want to make Mother’s Day extra-special, but you’re not sure how to do it while social distancing? Here are our top 10 picks for ways to celebrate the mother in your life in a unique way! Mix and match her favorites to make it a day she will always remember.