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Village team work is the secret sauce to making all things Village go. We have a number of teams to serve on each week. 

Village Kids (K-5th Grade)- Our Village Kids team does an incredible job week-in, week-out insuring kids have a wonderful time on Sundays. There are a number of key roles that contribute to the Sunday morning experience: Small Group Leaders, Morning Hosts, Worship Leaders, Tech Team, and Supplies Coordinators. 

First Look (3 years to 5 years)- The First Look team helps preschoolers with their "first look" into faith each Sunday by leading them through a morning designed just for them.

First Look Toddlers- Our Toddler team is made up of the best Villagers. This group keeps you on your toes while having a blast each week.

First Look Babies- Babies have never had it so good! The First Look Babies team beautifully cares for the youngest among us each week.

Guest Services- Our first impression team, Guest Services, welcome all and help steer people in the right direction on Sundays. From a "hello" to greet you to helping with coffee and slushies to pointing to kids check-in, Guest Services kicks a Village Sunday off right.

Parking Team- This team is great at welcoming and better at Tetris! Our parking lot is an extension of the church and is a safe place each week because of the fantastic work of this team.

Production Team- The Village sights and sounds are perfected each week by this team of audio and visual wizards, making the Sunday morning experience one you want to come back to each week and bring a friend along. 

So what are you waiting for? Jump in today and join a team by filling out the cue below and a member of our leadership team will follow up with you.

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