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Membership at Village...

Membership in a local church is more like ownership in a movement where instead of "rights", each member has "responsibilities".  Members have rights... Owners have responsibilities. Paul refers to each part of the local church body as a "member" of an actual body... like an arm or foot, a hand or eye.  You join with the knowledge that you bring something to the table and you are ready to be part of the body of Christ, part of his movement called Village Church!

And this is how we see membership: less as our culture presently defines it and more as ownership in a vision and movement!  We LOVE being a part of this body... and hope you will too!

But again, we want to be certain you have a clear picture of how we see membership, because we never want someone to jump into Village and then feel uninformed.



So, we ask these few simple things as you consider being a member/owner here at Village:​

I Believe…

I have put my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior based on His rescue of me through His death on the cross and resurrection.  I have also followed or plan to follow this step of faith with baptism, symbolically acknowledging my new life and passion. 

I Align…

First, that you have entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ -- that you have trusted Him as the Lord and Savior of your life.

Second, that you have or would be willing to follow that step of trust with an outward profession of faith through baptism.

Third, that you agree with and support the mission, strategy, and beliefs of Village Church as outlined.


I Engage…

I will engage with THE 4 THINGS, knowing that our mission requires participation of all of us: 

1. Connecting in a small group.

2. Serving on a team (Village Kids (K-5), Village Kids First Look (PreK), Village Kids Babies and Toddlers, Guest Services, Parking Team, HUB Student Ministry (6th-12th Graders)). 

3. Giving a percentage of our income. 

4. Inviting our friends. 

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