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February - Service with a Smile!

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

When it comes to serving others, our light should always be on. We’re always open—always ready to offer service with a smile!

We can't wait to see you this Sunday as we kick off February's Life App, service! Check out this video to learn what we will be talking about this month:

Every Sunday, your child will receive a Parent Cue and GodTime card from their small group leader. You can also check back to our blog on Mondays to see the resources for that specific week!

In the meantime, download the Parent Cue app here, or check out the Parent Cue February Overview here:

God Time Cards include four different devotions designed to be done on a different day. You can find the digital copy in our weekly Village Kids posts on Mondays! Each devotion includes: 1. a verse(s) to read 2. a devotion paragraph that teaches something about God and an explanation of today's verse(s). 3. an activity that makes real-life application of the day's devotion 4. a suggested prayer.

See you Sunday!

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