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Village Kids Family Guide - Sunday, March 15

Hello Village families!

We will miss seeing you and your kids this Sunday! However, we hope these tools will help you have an incredible time learning the Life App, Bible story, memory verse and other elements with your kids.

The exciting thing is that you get to use this time growing in your faith as a family, and you can format it however you want. But, if you would like a guideline, here is what a morning in Village Kids looks like for your child:

1. Social - This is the time when leaders welcome the kids and get ready for large group!

- Music (you can try these playlists on Spotify: K/1st or 2nd - 5th)

- Large Group Activity (In place of this, we are doing a church-wide fort building contest!)

- Here, we also reiterate the Bottom Line and Key Question for the week, as well as the monthly Memory Verse (all can be found at the end of the post)! We even give prizes to the kids who memorize the verse. Our hope is that it will encourage them to learn God's Word and apply it to their lives!

2. Worship - Every week we have two worship songs: one upbeat, fun song and one worship song. One of our hosts or song leaders guides the kids with motions. For worship time, pick your favorite worship songs to sing as a family. Your child may even want to show you the motions to one that they know from Village Kids! This playlist includes some of their favorite songs from Village Kids Worship!

3. Bible Story - The kids love watching the group videos to learn all about the Bible story and how to apply it in their lives!

4. Groups - The kids break into groups to do activities that help them better understand the Bible story.

  • You can use our Family Guide (download here) for simplified activities to do at home, or...

  • You can check out the full version of the Small Group Curriculum (download K/1st, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th) we use!

5. Take-Home Resources - Most of you have seen the resources we send home, which allow you to continue the conversation with your kids throughout the week! My personal favorite is the Parent Cue App, but we encourage you to use them all:

  • Parent Cue App: (download FREE!) This is probably one of the most valuable resources for your family at home. Download it, add your kids, and get personalized information, conversations, activities and videos for each one based on their age! (Make sure you select "Village Church" or your home church in the app for customized content!)

  • Parent Cue & GodTime Cards (digital version): Download with one of the links below:

+ K/1st (Parent Cue & God Time)

+ 2nd/3rd (Parent Cue & God Time)

+ 4th/5th (Parent Cue & God Time)

Check out our Facebook page for even more resources for your kids! This week, we have posted several great podcasts and conversation guides about helping your child navigate anxiety - this is especially relevant with the current health pandemic.

We hope that you enjoy this time learning more about Jesus with your family. We will add resources for next week so that your kids never miss a beat when they return to First Look. We are praying for health, safety and joy for each and every one of you!


Hilary Bond

Family Ministry Director

Bottom Line

Memory Verse

Key Question

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