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This Week in Village Kids - April Week 4

When we're stumbling in the shadows, it can be hard to find light in the dark. We find hope when we believe that good can come out of something bad!


Week 4:

Life App: Hope - Believing something good can come out of something bad.

Bottom Line: Whatever happens, remember God is bigger than your questions!

Key Question: What questions do you have for God?


Preteen (4th - 5th): Parent Cue | GodTime



FX Season Finale!

Sunday, May 19th, is the season finale of FX - our Family Experience bringing K-5th graders and families together for a great shared experience. Doors open at 5:30pm and the event begins at 6pm. Childcare will be provided for babies-preschoolers.

But wait! There's more! Following FX, we're hosting a party in the back parking lot for the whole church family. We'll have inflatables for the kids, a dunking booth, games, and hamburgers and hot dogs for the whole family! 

Am I only invited to the party in the parking lot if I have kids and come to FX? NOPE! The parking lot party is an everybody hang event. So come hang out around 7:15pm, have a burger, and meet a new friend!

Do I need to bring anything?  Just yourself and some friends. We'll have it all set up and ready to go!


From Parent Cue:


“Pray for others that you may be healed” (James 5:16). These words wouldn’t leave me alone. I really needed some encouragement––a prayer, a note, anything. From somebody. From an “other.” Six months into my Josiah’s autism diagnosis, I was overwhelmed by waves of despair.

I needed someone to listen, to ask about “it,” but more importantly, to really understand. But my usual support system was eerily silent and I felt like we had been relocated to the Island of Misfit Toys. I put on my smile every day, but I was a wreck inside and dismayed that few seemed to pick up on my need.

Life continued to go on all around me—but now our lives, as we knew it, were horribly distorted, disfigured, undone. For the first time, even God seemed distant when I needed Him to be close. I wasn’t so sure He could be trusted with that which I held most dear . . .

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