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This Week in Village Kids - June Week 2

When we put our trust in Jesus, we receive an amazing gift: the Holy Spirit. It helps us raise our game and live the way God wants us to live. With the Spirit, we can use what God is doing in us to change the world. This summer, we are learning all about the Fruits of the Spirit. This week, we talked about Joy!

Week 2:

Bottom Line: You can choose joy no matter what's going on.

Key Question: How can you choose joy even when you're not happy?


K - 1st: Parent Cue | GodTime

2nd - 3rd: Parent Cue | GodTime

Preteen (4th - 5th): Parent Cue | GodTime


From Parent Cue:


By Mike Tiemann

As our kids grow from toddlers to kindergarteners to preteens, a funny thing happens. Our focus shifts. We no longer worry so much about just keeping them alive. Instead, as they slowly but surely become more independent, we think about what kind of people they’ll become.

Our hope is that our kids will learn to live out good qualities like honesty, trust, courage, patience, and forgiveness. 

But what’s our role in helping our kid develop these traits? Are they already hardwired? Here’s something important to remember as you consider: God has made each one of us in His image, with the ability to live with integrity and demonstrate His character to others . . .

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