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Virtual Village Kids Experience - May - Week 3

Hey families! Were you unable to join us in Village Kids on Sunday? Or just wanting to catch the Bible stories one more time at home? Well, simply click on the links below to watch! And parents, we have your Parent Cue cards and the God Time cards for kids included below as well. Enjoy!


Each age group has their own video! If you have kids in both groups, we encourage you to watch both. Or, if you only have time for one, we always suggest aging up and watching the So & So Show! Find your child's age group below to watch:


(Video not playing? Watch it here!

2nd - 5th

(Video not playing? Watch it here!


Check out our Family Guides below for further discussion and activities surrounding our life app, Bible story and memory verse! (There are two guides, one for K-3rd and one for 4th - 5th. If you have kids in different age groups, you will see different activities and discussion questions on each guide.)


If your family would like to continue the conversation of forgiveness throughout the week, check out the Parent Cue Cards and GodTime Cards linked below! Parent Cues are a great way for us as families to initiate conversations and engage our kids in the time we have together. GodTime cards include 4 devotionals for your child to complete throughout the week. Let us know if we can provide you with anything else!

2nd/3rd: Parent Cue | GodTime

4th/5th: Parent Cue | GodTime

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