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Village Groups

Community Groups are predictable environments where people can experience authentic community and spiritual growth.

They consist of 10 to 12 individuals who meet weekly for prayer, conversation, encouragement, accountability, and relationship as we pursue growing relationships with Jesus Christ.

These groups will most often be organized by age, stage of life (married w/o children, married w/ children, single, etc), and geography, and usually use a book or study that is in a discussion driven format to help maintain movement toward pursuit of our relationship with God and one another.


The groups will stay together for 12 to 18 months, at which time they will 'divide' to form 2 or 3 new groups with room to bring in new members to our community.

So, by 'dividing' ... we actually 'multiply'.

Interested in Groups?

You can get more info about joining a Village Group by emailing us:

Access Groups

Access Groups meet between 6 and 10 weeks and are a great way to try out group life. Topical in nature, access groups range in size from 8 to 12 people to larger groups depending on the nature of the study being offered.

If you are considering joining a COMMUNITY GROUP, this is a great NEXT step.


Some examples of Access Groups that could be offered include:

  • Starting Point: an 8 week conversational study about God, Faith, and the Bible.

  • Financial Peace University: a 9 week financial study by Dave Ramsey based on biblical principles.

  • Sacred Marriage: a 6 week study by Gary Thomas on fulfilling God's purpose for marriage.

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