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Family Ministry Volunteer Roles


Theme Team

Are you the type of person who always keeps your Pinterest app open? Is the ability to decorate a room just part of your DNA? Then we have a place for you on our amazing team of uber creatives! Our Creative Team comes together to brainstorm and deliver on ideas and decor for messages, walls, rooms, and even the ceilings across all of our Village Kids environments! 

Prep Team

Are you a busy bee who can find your way around a copier and a pair of scissors faster than the next person? Does working independently and on your own time sound like the perfect way to volunteer? Then our Prep Team would love to have you join their ranks! Our Prep Team prepares activity pages and cut outs for curriculum used on Sunday mornings. Their preparation is critical for a successful morning in Village Kids small groups! 

Supplies Team

If you like organizing and being behind the scenes with the flexibility to volunteer your time whenever it is convenient to you, then the Supplies Team is your place to serve! Our Supplies Team members collect and procure all of the supplies needed for the activities for an entire month, helping Small Group Leaders reinforce the Bible story, the memory verse and the bottom line each week.

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