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Volunteer Opportunities






Small Group Leaders lead their “few” (about 8-10 kids in grade-specific groups such as pre-K, K/1st, 2nd/3rd, and pre-teen) each Sunday while looking for opportunities to invest in their few throughout the week. We’ll provide everything you need from outlines to curriculum guides to supplies. All you do is show up, be present, create a safe place for your few, let them know they are loved by God, and lead them through the activities which reinforce the truths which we hope aid them as they grow in their relationship with Christ.  

For more information, contact: 


Are you someone interested in being a Small Group Leader (SGL) but not sure your schedule allows you to serve on a weekly basis? Then serving as a SUPER SUB might be the perfect fit for you! Our team of Super Subs fill in for our SGLs when for whatever reason they cannot be there. Things come up from time to time, so having a team of Super Subs to back up our amazing SGLs is critical for success in Village Kids!  

For more information, contact: 


So are you the kind of person who doesn’t hesitate to engage students or kids when they walk in a room? Is the thought of standing on a stage and kicking off a morning with a room full of students something that sounds fun and invigorating to you? Then serving as a Host might be the perfect fit for you! Our team of fun-loving, energetic, and outgoing hosts help welcome and guide kids throughout the morning in Village Kids!  

For more information, contact: 


In Village Kids worship, we sing upbeat songs with song motions and lyric videos made to engage students of all ages! If you are someone who loves worship music, moving to the beat, and waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care, then we would love to have you as a Songleader in Village Kids! And you don’t even have to be a great singer! We have experts on tracks who do that!  

For more information, contact: 


Computers, lighting, and audio, oh my! If these are things that get your blood pumping, then we have a place for you on our Tech team in Village Kids! Our team of techies help navigate the morning upstairs in terms of running songs, playing videos, turning on mics, turning down lights, etc. And for those of us who aren’t so technically-apt, we are forever grateful for our talented Tech team! 

For more information, contact: 

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