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This Week in Village Kids - February Week 1

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

This month we are learning all about Service! Each week, your child is learning a Bottom Line or a Key Question as a takeaway from Sunday, and the Parent Cue and GodTime cards help them put it to practice throughout the week.

Life App: Service - Lending a hand to help someone else

Bottom Line: Serve others because of what Jesus did for us.

Key Question: Why should you serve others?


K - 1st: Parent Cue | GodTime

2nd - 3rd: Parent Cue | GodTime

Preteen (4th - 5th): Parent Cue | GodTime



Have your kids shown curiosity about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus? If so, we want to provide your family with the tools you need to share the significance of that decision with your kids. See more about the event here!

FX is back!

FX is back! So who are you bringing?! Your family? Your kids? Your neighbors? Your neighbor's kids? Your co-worker's family? Your co-worker's kids?  Give them a shout because Sunday, February 10th, FX-- where kids and parents have a great experience together, where everybody has a blast-- returns!   FX, or Family Experience, is an environment designed for the whole family to come together, learning and laughing with one another. Using drama, music, games, and biblical teaching, FX helps kids and adults learn about specific values of Jesus-- what we call Life Apps.  Doors open at 5:30pm and 6pm is go time. Popcorn, slushies, and a ton of fun will be served up in mighty helpings! So make plans to join us Sunday, February 10th. *With FX being specifically designed for K-5th graders, childcare will be provided for babies through preschoolers.


From Parent Cue:

THE PROBLEM WITH TIME By Jon Acuff Parent guilt is widespread and ever present in the minds of most parents. It’s an underlying dread that maybe you’re not a good enough parent. Maybe other parents have it together and you don’t. Maybe we’ve all got it figured out and you’re the only one with doubts and fears. I could write a book about not measuring up. I could give a thousand speeches about not comparing yourself to other parents online. But instead, since you’re busy, let me just do one thing today. Let me tell you one idea. Ready? “There’s no such thing as spending enough time with your kid.” That’s it. That’s what I need you to know. Why did I tell you that? . . . CONTINUE READING ON THE PARENT CUE BLOG

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