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This Week in First Look - February Week 1

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Who loves me? Jesus loves me!

We can't think of a better time to teach preschoolers that Jesus loves them than...February! This month, our goal is to let preschoolers know that Jesus loves them - and nothing will EVER change that! We will share bible stories of Jesus' love, play worship videos, and engage your preschooler in hands-on activities revolving around the theme Love Bugs!

Want to know more about what your preschooler is learning this month? Check out the video below!



From Parent Cue:


By Kristen Ivy

You love your baby. You might even be surprised by how deeply you love her. In fact, there is a good chance this past year redefined how you think about love entirely. But if you want your child to grow up knowing you love her, you will have to prove it over time. Every kid needs adults who love them in a way that convinces them they are worth something. And the way you consistently prove love over time will give your child a healthy sense of worth. One way to prove your love is to show up.

It’s hard not to show up—especially when your baby is utterly dependent on you just to eat, sleep, and stay reasonably clean. Besides, if you don’t show up fast enough, your baby’s built-in alarm system may activate and alert the entire neighborhood.

Don’t underestimate the significance of your physical presence. It’s more than just deactivating their crying . . .


From Parent Cue:


Life can be challenging and unpredictable. And, if you’re parenting a two-year-old, you’re guaranteed this year will have plenty of both. That sweet baby who used to cuddle in your arms has not only learned how to walk, but now he can run away from you—and fast. That little angel whose smile used to light up your world can now smile at you as she drops your phone—into the bathtub.

Personally, I’ve seen enough to know the phrase “terrible twos” wasn’t invented without reason. There are days in this phase when “terrible” may seem like the only word to characterize the state of your home, your schedule, and your patience. This is the phase when a toddler suddenly explodes with personality.

It’s the moment they fall to the floor screaming because you cut their sandwich the wrong way. Or you bring them the milk they asked for, and they realize they really wanted juice. Or you tell them they aren’t allowed to do that completely irrational thing they were just trying to do, and the world suddenly falls apart. Yes, you will have moments this year when you stare, wide-eyed, at the determined child in front of you and wonder, What am I supposed to do with this? . . .

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